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    Replacing dentures with implants

    Traditional dentures are held in place by the natural suction of the gums. Even with the best dentures, many people  find that they are not as secure as their natural teeth so have problems with their dentures slipping and difficulty eating. Denture implants are fixed by implants in the jawbone and look and feel like real teeth.

    Implant retained overdentures, which are removed for cleaning, can be fixed to the lower jawbone with only two implants.

    A consultation with Dr Cashel will help you find out the best options for your individual needs and there’s more information on our main dental implants page


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    When I had traditional dentures I didn’t enjoy eating out because I always worried about what I could choose from the menu. After a consultation with Dr Cashel I decided to have implant retained teeth. Since the treatment I have felt much more happy with myself. I love going to restaurants and being able to eat anything with confidence. It has been wonderful for me to have this done and I would recommend this treatment to anyone.

    Margaret, Glasgow