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    Multiple Teeth Implants

    If you have several teeth missing, your options will generally be one of the following solutions :

    • Partial dentures ( which are removeable)
    • A fixed bridge supported by neighbouring teeth
    • A dental implant bridge

    A partial denture involves using your healthy adjacent teeth to support the denture. The denture is manufactured to a custom fit and has clasps which attach onto the surrounding teeth to support the denture and hold it in place. However, this option has several drawbacks. The clasps can put strain on the adjoining healthy teeth. Many people do not want false teeth they have to remove for cleaning.

    A fixed bridge inevitably involves at least some cutting of the adjoining teeth. Neither a partial denture nor a bridge prevent future deterioration of the underlying bone. They are also likely to have a limited lifespan.

    For many people, the best option by far is option three, a dental implant supported bridge. The following are just some of the benefits of this method over a partial denture or fixed bridge.

    • Surrounding teeth are not affected, so there is no collateral damage to healthy teeth or gums
    • Dental implants minimise the bone loss as the bone is stimulated.
    • For stability and comfort, a dental implant supported bridge is by far the best choice.
    • There are no metal clasps wearing down your other healthy teeth.
    • Your eating and chewing capacity will be completely normal and natural
    • Your confidence in social situations will be greatly improved
    • Dental implants are fixed permanently into the jawbone. There is no need to remove dentures or mess around with cleaning solutions or bedside glasses of water.
    • If you look after your dental implants they will last a very long time.

    These are just some of the benefits you can expect from implants, but for a much fuller explanation of the benefits and to find out if you might be suitable for this treatment, why not contact Dr Cashel for a free consultation.



    • My teeth look good and I am enjoying eating again. I am very glad I had the implants done. I would say that David Cashel’s implant dentistry has definitely changed my life.Vera, Callander