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    invisalign before and after


    Invisalign Glasgow


    Invisalign clear braces fit into your lifestyle without the disadvantages of conventional braces. The process is very simple – a series of clear retainers are created for you which gradually bring your teeth into alignment. The retainers are removed for eating and drinking and for cleaning your teeth. Treatment takes from 3 to 18 months .

    The benefits of Invisalign treatment are:

    • Clear – no one will notice you are wearing them
    • Removable – you can take them out for eating and drinking and they are easy to clean
    • Comfortable – no wires or brackets
    • Effective – they start to work straight away
    • Affordable – treatment starts at £11.36 per week (£3500 funded by a 5 year loan at 7.9%APR representative and payment of a deposit).


    Get a Perfect Smile with Invisalign Braces


    If you’re not happy with the appearance of your teeth and you need orthodontic services in order to correct your problems, you may be a perfect candidate for the Invisalign braces that we offer to our valued patients. These transparent braces are designed to straighten teeth out without the usual “metal mouth” look that you’d get from old-fashioned braces.


    How Does the Invisalign Process Work?


    You’ll need to visit with us for a consultation. Our clinic is registered as an authorized provider of Invisalign designs. Once you’ve been assessed, our team will design a treatment plan that is perfect for your needs. We will utilize sophisticated computer technology in order to visualize your tooth movements throughout the Invisalign process. This computer technology will also allow you to see what your smile will look like once your treatment plan is completed.


    You’ll Notice Improvement in Stages


    After these initial steps, we will prepare your clear “aligners” for you. Once they are in place, you’ll need to wear them over a series of 14-day periods. As you do so, you’ll begin to notice subtle changes, all of which will contribute to a beautiful smile down the line. Expect a little soreness as your teeth begin to shift. During this phase, you’ll need to visit with us occasionally in order to make sure that everything is proceeding according to plan.


    These braces are best for those who have crooked teeth. More severe orthodontic problems, such as prominent “overbites” or “underbites”, may require different solutions.


    Results from Invisalign braces should last for years – however, it’s important to wear retainers as directed, after the initial treatment is finished. Those who don’t wear their retainers may not enjoy long-lasting results. We’ll be able to give you expert advice about Invisalign aftercare.


    How Much Do Invisalign Braces Cost?


    These braces usually cost from around £3500. However, we can help arrange interest free and low cost loans, in order to make the cost of getting these braces more manageable.


    Please read on for more information on this innovative teeth straightener.

    You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that gets excited when they hear they have to wear braces.

    The overwhelming majority of people out there have absolutely zero interest whatsoever in wearing braces, not because they aren’t effective at straightening teeth and perfecting a smile (you can’t argue with the amazing results they produce), but mostly because they are uncomfortable and unattractive looking.

    However, until just a few short years ago, you really only had two options:

    You took advantage of traditional braces and just tried to make the best of the situation, dealing with the headache and hassle of cleaning and maintaining them, having them regularly adjusted, and stopping all of the comments from damaging your self-confidence or you decided that your smile wasn’t going to define you, and you just went ahead with your crooked teeth.

    Not exactly the most popular options, for sure, but that’s why there were literally millions of people that decided to deal with being a “metal mouth”, understanding that if they put up with a little bit of pain in the beginning,  they end up with a lifetime of a nearly picture-perfect smile.

    Now, thanks to the groundbreaking new solution – Invisalign, people don’t have to deal with all of that headache and hassle of traditional braces any longer.

    Instead, they can take advantage of these “invisible braces” and get the same – or better – results,  without anyone having to know that they’re using any dental devices to straighten out their smile in the first place!

    Invisalign has completely and totally changed the game as far as dental realignment is concerned, with millions of people already deciding to take advantage of these invisible braces as opposed to the traditional metal or synthetic ones.

    If you are interested in leveraging everything that Invisalign has to offer, please read on :

    We’ll break down exactly what Invisalign is (and what it is not), whether or not it really works, and why so many people have decided to take advantage of this particular realignment procedure.


    What is Invisalign and does it really work ?


    Invisalign dental realignment solutions in the market a little more than a decade ago, and completely revolutionized the way that people look at dental realignment procedures.

    A completely synthetic set of orthodontic aligners made out of almost invisible material, this particular solution takes a gradual realignment approach just like traditional braces, to reconfigure and re-adjust your teeth over a period of time – but you never have to deal with the unsightly and uncomfortable aesthetics of metal braces.

    Instead, you simply snap in an Invisalign “embrace” and wear them for 20 hours each day for about two weeks at a time, and then replace them with the next set that have been crafted for your specific smile. You continue to rinse and repeat this process until your teeth are perfectly realigned, all the while being the only one to know that you’re wearing Invisalign – outside of those you tell and your dental professional, of course!

    As far as whether or not Invisalign actually works, you are going to be very happy to know that it not only works – but it often works better and faster than traditional braces.

    This isn’t always the case, but in a number of specific situations, people using Invisalign braces have been able to perfectly align their smiles in about three quarters of the time it would have taken traditional braces to do the same, which means they look better and act faster – two game changing benefits you’d have to be mad to ignore.

    At the end of the day, Invisalign braces are head and shoulders above the rest of the pack when it comes to teeth realignment solutions, especially if aesthetics are important. Adults that want to realign their teeth without having to walk around with metal braces are definitely going to be happy with the benefits that Invisalign offers.


    Why are so many people taking advantage of Invisalign ?


    There are two major reasons :

    1. They look fantastic and

    2. They actually do what they say they will

    It is important to note, however, that Invisalign isn’t always an ideal solution for someone that is looking to reconfigure or realign their teeth and their smile.

    In some (admittedly rare) cases, these solutions aren’t going to be well-suited to the kind of results that you’re looking to achieve. If a tooth has completely grown and solidified into a less than ideal position, or if the realignment is so severe that it would take more than two years to adjust with Invisalign, it’s probably best that an individual takes advantage of traditional braces – at least to “jumpstart” the process.

    However, you’ll find that the overwhelming majority of people (if given the option) would opt to have their teeth realignment process started with traditional braces, only to transfer to Invisalign at the earliest opportunity. This really combines the best of both worlds, and gives individuals complete and total control over the realignment process as well as the look and feel of their smile as they go along this journey.


    Breaking down the Invisalign experience


    The Invisalign experience is going to be unique on a case-by-case basis, but there are some “general guidelines” that you’ll want to pay attention to if you do end up deciding to leverage this dental realignment solution.

    Firstly, you’ll want to speak with Dr Cashel about using Invisalign to realign your teeth .

    He’ll be able to tell you exactly what is going on in your mouth as far as tooth movement and realignment is concerned, and he’ll be give you a very specific insight and information into the best approach to get your teeth to respond .

    David Cashel is Invisalign certified and has an experienced track record of successful implementation of Invisalign braces, which many happy patients will testify to.

    Once you’ve been given the green light to move forward with Invisalign, you’ll go through the actual fitting process for your first set.

    As mentioned above, you’re going to wear each set of Invisalign braces almost around-the-clock for about two weeks before swapping them for a set that gradually and consistently shifts your teeth over time. The initial set up is going to allow Dr Cashel to understand exactly how to craft the remaining Invisalign braces as well as monitor your situation regularly.

    From there, it is simply a matter of following the instructions given to you to the letter, and making sure that you are following a strict dental hygiene system. Your teeth are going to be a lot easier to clean when you’re using Invisalign than traditional braces, but you need to make sure that you don’t abandon your regular brushing and flossing routine.

    Every six weeks or so you’ll come in for a “checkup”, and we’ll track your progress and make adjustments to your next run of Invisalign braces as needed. This will continue until you’ve got your teeth exactly where you want them to be, giving you the picture perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

    After that’s taken care of, you’ll probably be prescribed some type of retainer system for a period of time to really “cement” your realignment.

    Sometimes this isn’t necessary, but it’s still a good idea to take advantage of a retainer if only to really guarantee that your teeth are going to stay exactly where you want them to.


    Final thoughts


    Hopefully you’ll be able to take advantage of these game changing teeth realignment solutions, as they are so much better, so much more comfortable, and so much more invisible than traditional braces – the only real other alternative to getting your teeth picture-perfect so that you have the kind of smile you’ve always wanted.


    Now that you know more about the benefits of Invisalign braces, which typically work just as well as old-fashioned metal braces, you’ll be able to decide if they provide the sorts of solutions that you want. Visiting the official Invisalign website will be another great way to get the inside scoop on these impressively transparent brace styles.


    Get in touch with us today in order to get the ball rolling. We have the skills and expertise that you want.


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    • My front tooth was squint. I didn’t like smiling and I hated myself in pictures. I had invisalign braces followed by whitening.  The process was very straightforward. I love the results – I’m delighted. I would definitely recommend Cashel Daisley to friends and family. I’m much more comfortable speaking to people. I always used to think that people were looking at my mouth and thinking that my teeth were squint so it has given me a lot more confidence. Roz, Bearsden