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    Your First Consultation

    You know what is making you unhappy with your smile. We know what we can do to change that. At the first consultation we’ll ask the right questions and listen to the answers. We want to find out what YOU want and tell you the options for creating the smile of your dreams.


    Cosmetic Imaging

    We have fantastic software from America which will let us show you a simulation of the final results before you even commit to treatment. We’ll only show you aesthetic  options which we feel can be achieved and after that you can give us feedback so you continue to be involved in designing your smile. Learn more about the principles of smile design here


    Treatment Plan

    Once we have discussed all the alternatives and you have decided on the best treatment for you we will give you a written estimate of the cost, which can be more affordable than you would expect. We can also talk you through the various payment options such as interest free credit.

    3D Models

    For all but the simplest procedures we will create a 3D model of your new smile. There are two reasons for this. The first is that we will use sophisticated equipment to assess how your teeth fit together when you bite. The right “bite” is essential both for comfort and to prevent uneven wear of your teeth. If your problems with your teeth have been caused by problems with your bite there is no point improving your appearance without solving the initial problem.

    The second advantage of the model is that it gives you a great opportunity to look at the planned treatment in detail and to work with us. We’ll give you all the benefit of David Cashel’s years of experience and his great eye for creating smiles but we always pay attention to what YOU want. We don’t expect you to know about the art of beautiful smiles – David Cashel will take care of that- but we will listen to what you want. One smile certainly doesn’t fit all.

    Your New Smile

    Veneers and crowns can often be made and fitted on the same day. After your teeth have been prepared you will be able to have a trial run of your new smile before they are permanently fixed. If you prefer, you can try your trial smile for a day or so to make sure you are happy before bonding, or you can go ahead on the same day. We won’t make any permanent changes until you are happy with your bespoke smile.
    See some examples of David Cashel’s artistry here